A Catalyst For Spreading Ideas That Change Our World

TEDxSanDiego brings together a collection of innovators, explorers, visionaries, teachers and learners, then seeks to illuminate, inspire and activate each of those individuals as a way to foster engaging conversation, collaboration and action. Our vision is to be a forum that encourages and facilitates the unleashing of ideas which have the power to change our world.

As a local not-for-profit, volunteer-driven organization, TEDxSanDiego wouldn’t be possible without all the efforts and contributions of our team members, business partners and civic groups who commit their time, passion, financial and intellectual support to creating a remarkable TEDxSanDiego experience.


Founded in 2011 as a partnership with TEDxSanDiego, TEDxYouth@SanDiego is an independent event, “by youth, for youth”, that brings together local high school students, educators and business mentors. Learn more about this amazing annual event at TEDxYouthSanDiego.com.