2015 Talks @ Copley Symphony Hall

Almis Udrys – Can Streetlights Save Democracy

Dalouge Smith – Music for All is a Group Activity

Erwin Raphael McManus – What Makes Us Uniquely Human

John Iversen – Does Music Change a Child’s Brain?

Lori Steele Contorer – Using Modern Technology to Legitimize Elections

Mallika Chopra – Living With Intent

Natasha Tsakos – The Age of Magic

Patricia Márquez – Can Universities be Central to World Change?

Silvi Alcivar – Having 20/20 Vision

Stephen Cobb – Ones and Zeros, A Tale of Two Futures

Stephon Alexander – The Jazz of Physics

Tererai Trent – Forgotten Women and Girls and the Gift of Adversity

Yao Huang – I for Innovation