IDEAS TO ACTION – Spring 2020

Planning for this energizing event has started. We will be announcing our speakers in early 2020. What we need is help from the community now! Please express your interest on our volunteer form if you’re interested in joining us. If your company is interested in partnering with us, let us know.

We’re building an amazing team that we hope will keep TEDxSanDiego building community and bursting with the power of ideas. We can’t wait to share more, but we have lots to do as we finalize details, build our team and partnerships.

Join us! This is where San Diego comes together as a community to have a positive impact on the world.

Many of this year’s planning team were part of the founding team in 2010, which includes Jack Abbott, the founder of TEDxSanDiego. We feel a great deal of gratitude, privilege and responsibility to come back and not only organize 2020 and beyond, but to celebrate 10 years in San Diego. We are so grateful to Mark Lovett and Janelle Doll and their team for the years of hard work and the amazing successes year over year with their events and look forward to making 2020 the best yet.

Stay tuned for more information on 2020 activities in the months to come. Be a part of this amazing adventure.

When Opportunity Knocks – Performed by Danny Green and Ines Irawati at TEDxSanDiego 2017

Pianist and composer Danny Green wrote “When Opportunity Knocks” as a special piece to be debuted at TEDxSanDiego with classical pianist Ines Irawati.

Featuring two pianos, bass, drums, and strings, this work combines elements of jazz and classical music. Pianists Green and Irawati are joined by bassist Justin Grinnell, drummer Julien Cantelm, violinist Isaac Allen, violist Travis Maril, and cellist Erica Erenyi.

In this performance, Ines Irawati and Danny Green perform with the accompaniment of bass, drums and string section. The original composition, written by Danny, blends elements of classical and jazz music.

Danny Green Website

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Katabasis – Performed by Danny Green at TEDxSanDiego 2017

The word katabasis describes a storyline in which the protagonist journeys down to the underworld and emerges with heightened knowledge. The piece takes a similar journey, featuring a haunting melody played by cellist Erica Erenyi.

Pianist and composer Danny Green is also joined by bassist Justin Grinnell, drummer Julien Cantelm, and violinist Isaac Allen. San Diego native Danny Green has garnered a reputation in the jazz community as an emerging artist whose music sounds simultaneously seasoned and fresh, showcasing a brilliant blend of jazz, Brazilian, Latin and classical elements. Green’s music engages listeners around the world with evocative melodies and infectious rhythms.

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