Rethinking America’s talent crisis – Mary Walshok at TEDxSanDiego 2017

During this noteworthy talk, Mary Walshok makes the important distinction that in the world today, we undervalue skilled labor and overvalue academia. She begins by sharing that when she was child, classes like wood shop were mandatory, so that students could learn actual skills that would apply to actual jobs.

She argues that we need to close this gap, so that we can fill more jobs, and disperse skill set across the board. Mary’s solution is what she refers to as HEART: Hands, Engaging, Applied, Relevant, Training, which is the combination of experience and education, and practice so that people are more prepared to meet all the challenges of their jobs.

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True mentorship requires bold transparency – Brandon Steppe at TEDxSanDiego 2017

Brandon Steppe’s heartfelt talk centers on the concept that the truth will indeed set you free. He shares about a time in his life when pain and fear had the potential to devour him, but his wife inspired him to channel those feelings and open up a music studio in his garage where he can work with young and struggling artists, with whom he has things in common.

He recalls the relationship with a 15-year old boy that he mentored, and how the vulnerability between the two of them changed his perception, and ultimately, his reality. Brandon discovered that the key to forming a bond of trust and openness was to be open and share his truth, and by doing so, discovered that therein lies the healing.

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TEDx in Review 2017

Since it’s inception in 2009, the world of TEDx has continued to expand around the globe, and in 2017 reached a new milestone as the 100,000 TEDx Talk was published. And in 2017 alone these talks were viewed in excess of 1 billion times. The reach of TEDx continued to increase, with 3,775 events attracting some 585,067 people. To date these talks have been given in 103 languages, across 190 countries, and in 2,500+ cities.

In 2017 TEDxSanDiego held its 8th annual event, and we’ll be bringing more amazing speakers to the stage in 2018!

100000 TEDx Talks 2017

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