Designing cities for sustainability, resilience and happiness – Paulina Lis at TEDx San Diego 2017

Paulina begins her talk with a quote from Jane Jacobs’ book, The Death and Life of Great American Cities, “cities provide for everyone when they are created by everyone.”

The book is a critique of 1950’s urban planning policy, which holds responsible for the decline of many city neighborhoods in the United States. Going against the modernist planning dogma of the era, it proposes a newfound appreciation for organic urban vibrancy.

Paulina emphasized that our city of San Diego is growing, and that it is our vision which is driving the future, so we need to address our common goals when designing urban spaces so that all communities can thrive. For example, alleys are a common area that are underused because they are often associated with danger, crime, and filth.

But there is a movement going on that is committed to restoring these spaces by adding plants, lights and other amenities to create an environment that is inviting and attractive. Los Angeles is one city that is looking to reinvent alley spaces so they are conducive to the populations they serve, and create positive impact.

She ends by saying that if we work together, then everyone can enjoy our beautiful city.

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