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August 10, 11, 12, and 13 (2020)
5-6PM PDT Every Evening
Gather with us for one hour each night, from August 10-13, for powerful conversations, featuring inspiring performances, interviews, and audience participation. No speakers on red carpets talking to large theater audiences. Instead, join us online as we dig deep into the hearts and minds of these extraordinary presenters and activate the power of possibility in each of us.
Our world is changing in ways we never imagined. It’s calling for us to change as well. TEDxSanDiego is answering that call with innovative new virtual programming featuring a slate of impactful presenters and performers, all answering some of the biggest questions on our minds today.
What does the world need now?
Submit a less than 10 second video that completes the sentence “What the world needs now is ______" and submit it to NOW@TEDxSanDiego.com before August 3.  A montage of submissions will be shown during the event.
August 10, 2020: 5-6pm PDT

How Are You Responding to Uncertainty?

Dr. Edith Eva Eger says "The thing you can change is now...look at this as a gift. You become stronger and better for what you're experiencing." Join us for a talk and deep conversation, as she draws on her experiences during the holocaust to talk about how we respond, how to be a "survivor and never a victim of anything, anyone or any circumstance." Dr. Eger’s talk will be followed by an interview and a moderated interactive conversation with the audience.
Dr. Edith Eva Eger
A native of Hungary, Edith Eva Eger, best selling author of "The Choice: Embrace the Possible", was just 16 years old in 1944 when she experienced one of the worst evils the human race has ever known. As a Jew living in Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe, she and her family were sent to Auschwitz, the heinous death camp. Now, Dr. Eger is a sought-after clinical psychologist and lecturer, helping individuals discard their limitations, discover their powers of self-renewal, and achieve things they previously thought unattainable. Using her past as a powerful analogy, she inspires people to tap their full potential and shape their very best destinies. Her book, The Gift, Twelve Lessons to Save your Life will be released in September 2020.
Featured Artist: Lee Coulter
Lee Coulter's soulful acoustic performances and powerful songwriting have landed him a #1 single on iTunes Australia and New Zealand. Coulter was also named Sirius XM’s Coffee House’s “discovery of the year.”
August 11, 2020: 5-6pm PDT

What’s Love Got to do With This?

What's love got to do with this? And what about rage, grief and despair? How practicing Revolutionary Mindfulness may be the key to emotional agility, hopeful connection and political action with others in times of darkness.

An interview followed by a moderated interactive discussion with the author of “The Inner Work of Social Justice.”
Rhonda Magee
Law Professor Rhonda V. Magee, author of "The Inner Work of Racial Justice: Healing Ourselves and Transforming Our Communities Through Mindfulness" is an internationally recognized thought and practice leader who integrates mindfulness into higher education, law and social change work. She has dedicated her life to healing and teaching in ways that support others in a journey to wholeness and justice. A prolific author, Rhonda draws on law and legal history to weave storytelling, poetry, analysis and practices into inspiration for changing how we think, act and live better together in a rapidly changing world.
Featured Artist: Lee Coulter
Lee Coulter's soulful acoustic performances and powerful songwriting have landed him a #1 single on iTunes Australia and New Zealand. Coulter was also named Sirius XM’s Coffee House’s “discovery of the year.”
August 12, 2020: 5-6pm PDT

How Do You Find Opportunity in the Challenge?

Gregory Shepard managed his way through crisis after crisis since childhood. The skills you’ve picked up in life, whether running a business or managing a family don’t necessarily equip you to cope with catastrophes. Greg's identified four key steps to help you to survive a financial crisis. Greg’s talk will be followed by a moderated conversation with the audience.
Gregory Shepard
Greg Shepard did not let growing up poor, autistic and dyslexic stop him.  Instead, he used fearless optimism and steadfast determination to become a successful Author, Speaker, and Angel Venture Capital Investor.  He works now to spread “Altruistic Capitalism” – using Silicon Valley’s deal-making culture as a vehicle for increasing the liquid flow of capital to the world. Greg leads an effort to use startup deal-making to inject capital into the hands of fearlessly ambitious, creative and passionate young entrepreneurs looking to spark positive change.
Special Performance by Box of Beats
Box of Beats is a Recording Artist, Song-Writer and Live Performer from Los Angeles, CA. Box of Beats creates musical compositions live on stage using nothing but his mouth, his voice, and a loop station. He is pioneering the a cappella industry trying to bring it into the mainstream market
August 13, 2020: 5-6pm PDT

We have work to do.

Join our conversation with Elizabeth White as she talks about the Black Lives Matter movement, why she's hopeful and why she says "we all have bricks that we can use to build with or to disrupt and destroy." How will you use your bricks? An interview followed by a moderated conversation with the audience.
Elizabeth White
Elizabeth White, author of 55, Underemployed, and Faking Normal, (Simon and Schuster 2019) is an aging solutions advocate for older adults facing uncertain work and financial insecurity.  When she could not find a book that met her needs during her own bout of long-term unemployment, she wrote it herself. She wrote it as a 62-year-old woman who has lived the stories she describes, and as a Harvard MBA, former retail entrepreneur, and C-suite executive who never expected to land here
Special Performance By Gill Sotu and Lee Coulter
Lee Coulter's soulful acoustic performances and powerful songwriting have landed him a #1 single on iTunes Australia and New Zealand. Coulter was also named Sirius XM’s Coffee House’s “discovery of the year.”

Gill Sotu is a multi-faceted poet, playwright, musician, DJ, and performing artist from San Diego.  He is a two-time Grand Slam Poetry Champion, two-time Raw Performing Artist of the Year, and a three-time TEDxSanDiego presenter.


Gill Sotu
Gill Sotu is a navy veteran, a multi-faceted poet, playwright, musician, DJ, and performing artist.  He is a two-time Grand Slam Poetry Champion, two-time Raw Performing Artist of the Year, and a three-time TEDx San Diego presenter. Currently, he is a teaching artist and a commissioned playwright with The Old Globe Theatre, a program director and teaching artist with Intrepid Theatre, creative director for TEDx San Diego, as well as the artist-in-residence at Makers Church.
Teri Orr
For 40 years, Teri has been writing an award-winning column in the Park Record newspaper in Park City, Utah. She is the former editor of that paper. In 1996 she helped build the Eccles Center a joint-use ( between the school district and the community) performing arts center. She programmed that facility for 23 years. It serves as the anchor facility of the Sundance Film Festival. She was awarded one of the first TEDX licenses in 2009 - TEDXChange in collaboration with the Gates Foundation.
Jack Abbott
Abbott’s passion is connecting people, communities and resources through extraordinary experiences that inspire others to embrace, cultivate and share Joy and connection. He believes no matter our circumstances, how we view and respond to the world around us is the way to better the planet. Jack also works with entrepreneurs from Latin America as an investor and Partner atBlueBox Ventures. "They’re on the ground, helping pre-seed and seed venture entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, while bringing social responsibility, innovation, and entrepreneurism to multi-billion dollar corporations.”

The founder of TEDxSanDiego, he's back as Curator and organizer focused on collaboratively building a sustainable TEDx organization for the future in San Diego.


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