2017 Talks @ Copley Symphony Hall

Benjamin Migliori – Machine learning + neuroscience = biologically feasible computing

Bennett Peji – Diversity and inclusion empowers community centered design

Brandon Steppe – True mentorship requires bold transparency

Brian Mullins – Redefining what is humanly possible with augmented reality

Brian Sokol – Humanizing the refugee crisis

Cedrice – Tell me about Your identity crisis

Manal Omar – Women at the negotiating table – the missing piece in peacebuilding

Mary Walshok – Rethinking America’s talent crisis

Paulina Lis – Designing cities for sustainability, resilience and happiness

Sara Leonard – Big Picture Learning is learning for the real world

Todd Hylton – Is the universe a product of thermodynamic evolution?

Vicki Grassian – What’s really in the air we breathe