2018 Talks @ Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Amy Rommel – Taking advantage of cancer’s ability to adapt and survive

Dmitry Lyumkis – Thwarting the next viral onslaught using electron microscopy

Emily Manoogian – Pay attention to your body’s master clock

Karen Gütekunst – Democratizing the power of DNA sequencing

Ken Diffenderfer – Stem cell core facilities are driving advanced therapeutics

Margot Wohl – How science and art reveals our humanness

Pam Brar – Preventative health designed to extend the healthy human lifespan

Patrick Hsu – CRISPR technology is now targeting RNA-based diseases

Paul Laikind – Is a functional cure for Type 1 Diabetes on the horizon?

Stephanie Culler – Designing microbiome therapeutics to help cure cancer

Tim Mullen – Advanced neurotechnology makes the mind, the new frontier