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Our Seeds of Change event was held on June 11, 2023. An all-local lineup of 18 presenters inspired us with their ideas worth spreading, actions worth taking, and performances to uplift our spirit and connect our community.

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Event photo album

Explore our remarkable photo album showcasing the inspiring talks, magical performances, engaging discussions, and memorable experiences that unfolded during this extraordinary gathering of minds. Photos are by Melissa Jacobs, Summer Kais, Sveta Sowers, John Adam.

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Our 2023 Presenters

See who were our all-local 18 speakers, performing artists and artists-in-residence that represented the full breath of the San Diego community.

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San Diego Union Tribune

Want to Make San Diego Better? TEDxSanDiego talks’ mixed storytelling with action

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More people experiencing homelessness on waitlist for Safe Parking Program

Our speaker Teresa Smith was recently featured on CBS 8 San Diego about homelessness and the Safe Parking program.

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PlexusPlay tech rehearsal

Thank you, Amy Pfleger, TEDxSanDiego Marketing Director (IG amy_sandiegoca), for capturing images from the special pre-performance tech rehearsal for our performer Matt DiBiase/PlexusPlay. It was a privilege to be the first audience to participate in an art and technology beta test with PlexusPlay.

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Aquaculture and Blue Technology at the Port of San Diego

Thank you, Amy Pfleger (amy_sandiegoca), TEDxSanDiego's Marketing Director, for volunteering your time to capture pictures from our recent field trip. We were privileged to hear from Paula Sylvia, Program Director for Aquaculture and Blue Technology at the Port of San Diego and a captivating TEDxSanDiego 2023 speaker.

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Workshop for Warriors Tour on April 12, 2023

We would like to thank John Adam (@jcaquincy) for generously volunteering to take pictures of our field trip to Workshops for Warriors on April 12, 2023, where we witnessed the remarkable work of veterans in the program and listened to their inspiring stories.

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Presenter Dinner #3

Thank you to Madhushree Ghosh for opening her home to fellow TEDxSanDiego speakers and members of the team. In addition, we extend our gratitude to photographer Gary Greer (IG @gstephengreer) for his expert ability to capture the magical ambiance of the event.

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transcenDANCE field trip

Thank you to John Adam (@jcaquincy) for generously donating his time and talent to TEDxSanDiego. His photography skills captured the transcenDANCE dancers in their element, showcasing their passion and dedication to their craft.

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Workshops for Warriors field trip

Thank you Svetlana Sowers (@svetlanasowers) for generously offering your talent and expertise to document TEDxSanDiego's memorable excursion to Workshops for Warriors on February 3rd, 2023, where we had the opportunity to witness veterans training for careers in advanced manufacturing.

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New Roots Garden field trip on 3/24/23

Thank you to John Adam (@jcaquincy) for his ability to capture the essence and wonder of New Roots Community Garden located in City Heights, where immigrants, migrants, and locals come together to cultivate their crops and build community.

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New Roots Garden on 2/3/23

TEDxSanDiego 2023 Immigration speaker Madhushree Ghosh shares the New Roots Community Garden.

Thank you to Summer Kais at San Diego Photographer and Graphic Designer (summerkais.com) for providing her talent in capturing this special moment.

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Presenter Dinner

Thank you to John Adam (@jcaquincy) for his photography skills in capturing the significance of this evening. The TEDxSanDiego family has come together to strengthen the bonds among our presenters, all of whom are local for the first time in the history of TEDxSanDiego.

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A Catalyst For Spreading Ideas Worth Doing

TEDxSanDiego brings together a collection of doers and thinkers, innovators and creatives, explorers and visionaries, teachers and learners, then seeks to illuminate, inspire and activate those individuals as a way to expand horizons, change perceptions, incite action and foster new connections.

After years of spreading ideas worth sharing, inspired by the global challenges that impact us all, we are shifting the focus of TEDxSanDiego towards action. Our response to the demands of this coming decade is to activate and connect inspired people with activities, opportunities and communities that support positive, impactful action.

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In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.
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