Innovation Alley 2017

In addition to the speakers and performers who will grace the stage at Copley Symphony Hall on October 14th, we’re blocking off B Street in front of Symphony Towers to once again build Innovation Alley as a showcase for San Diego’s most innovative companies & entrepreneurs.

Check out the Innovation Alley 2017 photos on Flickr!

Companies Featured in Innovation Alley

  • Accel Robotics – Creates amazing robots designed to enhance the human experience.
  • Agribody Technologies – Applications improve yields, and stress tolerance of plants.
  • Athelytix – We’re using optical lasers to track a ball’s trajectory, speed and it’s location.
  • Bixpy – We make the world’s first and only portable, handheld water propulsion device.
  • BuildFire – We offer the most powerful custom mobile app builder for iOS & Android!
  • Chilldyne – Cool-Flo liquid cooling of data centers enables higher-density computing.
  • ElliptiGO – ElliptiGO bikes combine the best of running, cycling and elliptical trainer.
  • Fabric8Labs – You can now forget everything that you know about metal 3D printing.
  • Grolltex – Producing single layer graphene at a cost structure not previously known.
  • Independa – Friends and family of loved ones can remain actively engaged from afar.
  • Iteros – Energy management software to reduce the cost of energy, and increase ROI.
  • MatriSys Bioscience – Cutting-edge solutions for pharma and skin care applications.
  • Nuvve – Software to refuel the next generation of electric vehicle commercial fleets.
  • PureWick – Female external catheter solution for bed and wheelchair bound women.
  • Skylift – Our mission, to give every human the freedom to fly both safely and reliably.
  • Urban Translations – We’ll translate your content into any language that you desire.
  • Veriskin – We have found a way to achieve rapid, noninvasive testing of skin health.
  • ViaCyte – Research that addresses insulin dependence for type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
  • Water Pigeon – Advanced alternative to existing automated metering infrastructure.
  • Zuzor – System that can generate real time graphics and visuals based on movement.
Accel Robotics at Innovation Alley 2017
Bixpy at Innovation Alley 2017
Fabric8Labs at Innovation Alley 2017
Chilldyne at Innovation Alley 2017
Independa at Innovation Alley 2017
ViaCyte at Innovation Alley 2017
Athelytix at Innovation Alley 2017
Water Pigeon
Zuzor at Innovation Alley 2017
Iteros at Innovation Alley 2017
MatriSys Bioscience at Innovation Alley 2017
PureWick at Innovation Alley 2017
Elliptigo at TEDxSanDiego 2017
Skylift at Innovation Alley 2017