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The TEDxSanDiego community recently embarked on an exciting field trip to explore the fascinating world of Aquaculture and Blue Technology at the Port of San Diego. Led by our exceptional TEDxSanDiego speaker, Paula Sylvia, who represents the Innovation category, attendees had the unique opportunity to witness firsthand the groundbreaking initiatives taking place at the port. Paula shared invaluable insights about the Port of San Diego's exclusive position as the only port in the world to operate such a remarkable program. The field trip proved to be an enriching experience, allowing us to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the innovative strides being made in aquaculture and blue technology.

Thank you, Amy Pfleger (amy_sandiegoca), TEDxSanDiego's Marketing Director, for volunteering your time to capture pictures from our recent field trip. We were privileged to hear from Paula Sylvia, Program Director for Aquaculture and Blue Technology at the Port of San Diego and a captivating TEDxSanDiego 2023 speaker.

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