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During our recent visit to the Workshops for Warriors (WFW) facility, the San Diego community and the TEDxSanDiego team had the privilege of touring the facility and meeting several veterans who are benefiting from the program. We were honored to hear from Hernán Luis y Prado, the CEO of WFW and a speaker for TEDxSanDiego, about the invaluable opportunities the program offers to veterans who are transitioning to civilian life. It was heartwarming and admirable to witness firsthand the impact that WFW is having on the lives of veterans. We urge everyone to spread the word about this amazing program and help support those who have served our country.

We would like to thank John Adam (@jcaquincy) for generously volunteering to take pictures of our field trip to Workshops for Warriors on April 12, 2023, where we witnessed the remarkable work of veterans in the program and listened to their inspiring stories.

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